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Psychotherapist & Counsellor
  Intuitive Energy Healer & Medium




Working within the framework of a therapeutic relationship, Lorraine uses an integrated approach that combines Psychotherapy & Counselling with Intuitive Energetic Healing & Mediumship. She joins you in exploring inner pathways towards healing, growth and expansion.  Lorraine uses her spiritual abilities to work multi-dimensionally, across all time and all space. This type of work is oriented toward multiple timelines that present for healing in any given session.

"We meet ourselves time and time again in a thousand disguises on the path of life."
                           Carl Jung



Lorraine has taught for over a decade across a wide range of modalities, including Psychodynamic, Narrative, Creative, Solution-focused, Mindfulness, Person-centered, Transpersonal, Existential, Jungian, Gestalt, Sandtray Therapy, as well as Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Grief & Loss, Shadow Self and Cultural Diversity.

Intuitive Energetic Healing & Mediumship involve working with our higher self (soul), higher dimensions,  Ascended Masters, Archangels, DNA healing, past lives, re-integration of split-off soul aspects, chakras and templates,  higher energy bodies, and connecting with loved ones on the other side who often like to offer offer healing too. Lorraine does not focus on readings, as her passion lies in finding ways to orient our lives to the best possible timeline. This involves process and healing work. Lorraine's work supports and respects religious beliefs and practices, and has her own practices rooted in Catholiscm.

Lorraine has enjoyed teaching at WSU (Western Sydney University) and ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology), having taught across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as teaching private workshops.

In addition to a Master in Psychotherapy and Counselling training, Lorraine has trained in Energy Healing, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW) and a Grad Dip in Applied Finance.  

Lorraine's private practice is face-to-face and online, with clients around Australia and overseas.  

When Lorraine isn't working with clients, she enjoys time at home with friends and family, in nature at a peaceful country property that is set amongst majestic mountains in the hinterlands, Coramba, NSW.  This is where her healing therapy room is based for on-line or face to face healings.

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